How It All Began: About New England Accordion Museum

As a boy growing up on Long Island, Paul Ramunni played the accordion from the age of 10 until he was 17. “I hid the fact that I played an accordion from my friends…it was never considered a ‘cool’ instrument to play, at least not on Long Island,” Ramunni jokes. After abandoning the accordion for many years, Paul more recently had a sudden urge to play again. Paul’s passion for accordions was far from dead, and if anything it was revived.

His devotion to collecting accordions led to the purchase of several vintage accordions. Eventually, Paul would collect many accordions that were valuable not only for their physical condition but also for the stories that coincided with many of them. Learn more about the history of the New England Accordion Museum by clicking below.

Paul Ramunni, Director of The New England Accordion Museum in Canaan, CT discusses some of the reasons for preserving the history of Accordion Americana.

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It’s a Living Museum

With more in-house events, along with resources to connect accordion enthusiasts to the accordion community, the New England Accordion Museum is now adding another dimension to its display. We have accordions from the 1920’s and 1930’s that have been totally refurbished and are playable. In some cases, the accordions are very similar to those played by past Greats such as Myron Floren, Carmen Carrozza as well as current virtuoso players such as Tony Lovello. The museum visitor can now play these older units as part of their museum experience.

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The New England Accordion Museum is devoted to connecting those who share a passion for accordions in order to contribute to a brighter future for the accordion industry. There are numerous ways you can help us accomplish our goals. Please consider supporting our mission and contributing to our cause.

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The Accordion Community

Are you interested in buying, selling, repairing or customizing your accordion? Have you considered taking accordion lessons? Looking for an accordionist to perform at your next event?

Devoted to preserving accordion history while nurturing the future of accordions, “The Accordion Community” provides accordion enthusiasts with resources and professionals within the accordion community.

Learn more about those who have had a positive impact upon the future of the accordion industry.

 Each Accordion Has A Story To Tell.

As Director of the New England Accordion Museum, Paul Ramunni once said “They each have their own special voice, characteristics, flaws, and beauty. I guess in a way, the same could be said of each of us.”

With a variety of accordion brands including: Giulietti, Bugari, Dino Baffetti, Hohner, Paolo Soprani, and more, these vintage traditional accordions each provide their own unique story and history. Check out the variety of videos under the “An Accordion Story” tab.

View Our Accordion Exhibit: Over 300 Accordions On Display

Our exhibit displays over 300 accordions, along with nostalgic memorabilia for those who grew up hearing the traditional American and European accordion standards.

View our “Exhibit” page to see all of the images of the exhibit along with video clips of a typical tour at the New England Accordion Museum. Book your visit today – the accordion exhibit is perfect for:

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In the New England area? Come enjoy a tour of the New England Accordion Museum in Canaan, CT. A viewing of the accordion museum is by appointment only, so please contact the museum before visiting.

The New England Accordion Museum is located at 17 Margaret Lane in Canaan, CT, 06018. The New England Accordion Museum is free admission – donations are welcomed. Click below to plan your visit.