We Come to You: NEAM Mobile Overview

NEAM is developing future plans to enrich the public of the accordion industry, as well as provide resources to others in the accordion community such as performers, venders, enthusiasts, etc.

NEAM is officially mobile! Our Mission is to become a resource to accordion history by preserving the accordions for educational value

NEAM Mobile is an experience we create by bringing the exhibit alive into a new environment. . With a display of decorative and fascinating accordions from the NEAM exhibits, Paul Ramunni tells stories, lets the crowd share memories, and of course provides an outstanding live performance.Paul Ramunni
NEAM Mobile has visited dozens of locations including nursing homes, schools and children of all ages, and special occasions that would enjoy the live entertainment along with the history within their experience.

View the exclusive videos from one of the many events NEAM Mobile had the opportunity to have. View the NEAM Mobile experience that the XXX NURSING HOME NAME XXXX appreciated and enjoyed very much. Click below to view the videos