Get Involved By Supporting Our Mission

There are so many ways you can contribute to the New England Accordion Museum. Help us provide resources to all accordion enthusiasts to connect and promote the future of the accordion industry.

Every Visit Counts.

Visiting the New England Accordion Museum is the first step of getting involved with our mission. We would like to spread awareness of our establishment and would like to make the museum more accessible to the general public.

Visit our museum today to see the beauty of Accordion Americana and its history. Admission is free.



Guided Tours

Walk through the accordion exhibit that now has over 300 accordions displayed. With director of the New England Accordion Museum, Paul Ramunni, as your tour guide, learn, laugh, and enjoy the history behind the accordions.

Accordions For Sale

The New England Accordion Museum now has the Paolo Soprani collection available for sale. Our Paolo Soprani collection is a variety of piano accordions made with traditional craftsmanship.



Support Our Cause

Every visit made to the museum brings us a step closer to our mission: preserving the history of “Accordion Americana” which will help the accordion industry remain a major contributor to the world of music.

Donations, purchases of accordions through the New England Accordion Museum, and contributions of accordions and memorabilia are some of the more effective ways of contributing. We appreciate all of your support – Thank you again for supporting us.

Future Plans for New England Accordion Museum

The New England Accordion Museum is a resource to accordion history by preserving the accordions for educational value.

The New England Accordion Museum is developing future plans to enrich the public of the accordion industry, as well as provide resources to others in the accordion community such as performers, vendors, enthusiasts, etc.

Our Future Plans

New LocationFor AccordionistsMore Events
More space equals more accordions, more room and more opportunity. The New England Accordion Museum anticipates the need for a larger facility. Although the current location of the museum is reliable and adequate to safely to preserve the accordions, there’s still the issue of limited space.

The New England Accordion Museum hopes to some day relocate to a more commercial store front with more “walk-in” opportunity and even the potential of having enough space for in-house performances.

With such a wide selection of one-of-a-kind accordions and traditional brands, the New England Accordion Museum is now offering accordion players with the opportunity to play some of the rarest and refurbished accordions ever crafted! Our “living museum” display is rapidly becoming a favorite of many visitors. More details will be coming soon as this feature develops further.
Stay connected with the upcoming events at the New England Accordion Museum. We look forward to seeing you at our next event!


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