A Legendary Experience: Event Overview

New and used accordions were displayed for sale along with sheet music of Italian and American accordion classics..

Entertainment was provided by Tony Lovello, a legendary accordionist that kept the crowd roaring with laughter and happy to see Tony perform with the same passion he always puts in his performances.

Set in a garden party atmosphere, the Director of the New England Accordion Museum, Paul Ramunni, guided tours through his vast collection of accordions, each of which comes with a story and a “soul.”Paul Ramunni
It was truly a memorable live performance and we cannot thank Tony enough for traveling up to New England and providing us with a lovely experience. Tony was also awarded the “XXXXXX” from the XXXXXXXX as a sign of appreciation for his many years entertaining and inspiring other upcoming accordionists.

View the exclusive videos from the Accordions Alive! event, presented by the CT Accordion Association. NEAM is honored to have hosted the event and thanks the CT Accordion Association for the opportunity to allow others to become aware of our museum and cause.