About Us:

The New England Accordion Connection & Museum Company is a collection of antique and modern accordions as well as related memorabilia. We display models from the very beginning of the accordion era starting in 1820 all the way up to the current day.

Paul Ramunni opened the museum in October 2011 located in separate renovated spaces attached to his personal residence in North Canaan Connecticut. One of the main priorities of NEACMC is to keep the spirit and influence of the accordion alive. Our goal is to find and save any and all old accordions and memorabilia so that people interested in this instrument, especially children, will learn to play and enjoy what many people have experienced over the last 200 years with accordions. We exist to display vintage and modern accordions for the general public’s enjoyment and edification.

Between our museum and the sales company, we now have over 600 accordions on display. Of that number 100+ new and used accordions are available for sale in our newly renovated studio and showroom. The accordions are of various makes and designs; there is something for everyone to sample and try.

Our Services

Lessons for beginners

Saturday gatherings for group and individual play

Our traveling museum visits senior centers, nursing homes and other locations to play, display and present older accordions and their stories

Our repair loft with repair supplies, accessories and repair services

Sponsoring speaker seminars and workshops (on and off the premises)

Multimedia presentations of performing artists found online at various websites

Accordions accepted as donations for the museum or purchased outright

Customer owned accordions accepted for sale on a consignment basis

Accordion appraisal services

Over 10,000 pieces of sheet music, instruction books and song books offered for sale at reasonable prices.

And The reminiscent sounds of a newly renovated Wurlitzer Jukebox in our showroom

I do love the accordions themselves. When I take them apart for needed repairs, I especially appreciate the genius in their design and what it took to put them together so that they would work reliably. I have come to regard each one with the same appreciation as if they were a painting or a work of art. Paul Ramunni

We Will Bring the Experience to You

The Accordions Alive Experience

We are proud to announce that NEACMC is officially mobile and prepared to bring our exhibit to those interested in collaborating with us to spread awareness of our cause. NEACMC is looking to collaborate with local educational and recreational establishments who are interested in having us design a customized exhibit within their location.

Each exhibit will include: a variety of unique accordions that have brought unforgettable memories due to their presence in time and history. It will also include: memorabilia, educational pamphlets, videos to view, and an overview of each accordion and their personal story.

It’s Not Just An Exhibit. . . It’s An Experience

Each location will have it’s own customized exhibit that will be designed based off of the establishments preferences such as the size as the exhibit and how long it can remain displayed.

When the exhibit is coming to end, NEACMC will sponsor an event including Paul Ramunni, Director of NEACMC as a guest speaker. A live performance and a brief Q&A will conclude the approximately 2 – 2 1/2 hour event.

Want to know what’s the best part about supporting the Accordions Alive Exhibit? There is no charge to collaborate with NEACMC on having the Accordions Alive Experience at their establishment . Whether it’s a school, museum, library, music store, or a nursing home. . .we would love to bring a part of history to you to share with others. Although we do not charge for the exhibit – we do ask the establishments to charge an admission fee that they feel comfortable charging for the day of the event. All proceeds will be divided evenly between NEACMC and the establishment displaying the exhibit.

Interested in having the Accordions Alive exhibit visiting you? Please contact us today and we will be more than happy to schedule a visit with you. Thank you for supporting the New England Accordion Connection & Museum Company!